Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Inside Emirates Airbus A380 - 5 Star Flight

The Airbus A380 is a true wonder of modern engineering. It is the largest airliner ever made, with a carrying capability of up to 853 passengers. Being 50% wider than the Boeing 747, it's closest competitor, the Airbus A380 has truly surpassed all previous achievements of plane construction and interior design.

A380's level of comfort (well, at least for business-class passengers) is remarkable. The entire upper-deck is dedicated for premium passengers. All seats can be transformed into full-sized beds (190 cm in length) with a pillow and a mattress. Each passenger has his own mini-bar and a full-sized, bartender-serviced bar is available at the rear of the plane. And on top of all, there are two shower cabins available during flight.

Business and economy class passengers access the plane through different jet bridges and stay on separate floors during the entire flight.

On 1st January 2012, next week, Emirates will fly Airbus A380 from KL to Dubai and will be the first commercial A380 flight out of Malaysia. Meanwhile, Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 is expected to arrive in second quarter of 2012. Looking forward for that also...

Giant of the sky

Top level of flight attendance

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