Monday, July 9, 2012

Today's fashion trends dictate men wearing their jeans on or below their hips. With this trend, another trend on the rise due to this fashion trend is getting a hip tattoo. Previously, hip tattoos were associated with women alone, but with jeans going lower and lower sporting this type of tattoo for men is getting very fashionable. There are various designs specifically made for male hip tattoos, they could range from foreign language scripts, dragons, tribal and Celtic designs. They can be extremely painful as it's a very bony region. For men, this tattoo usually small in size, but what lacks in size makes up with design, appeal and colour.
Since hip tattoos have to be small, unless you wish to get a full length side tattoo, these designs can be sexy and charming as well. Hip tattoo designs can be anything from small black or colourful dragons, to black coloured Chinese symbol, angel wings in bluish or grey hues, small colorful flames, brass knuckles look very sexy and masculine as well. Some other popular hip tattoo designs are Irish shamrocks, angel wings and guns. Sometimes you can get butterflies with flowers in a gothic theme done to give it an edge, stars done up in various sizes and colours are very popular with celebrities hence gaining in popularity with the general public. Zodiac signs look sexy on the hip as do chained hearts. If you are the macho types, you can get just the face of a lion or tiger done on your hip.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Women Ankle Tattoo Designs

Tattoos designs is getting popular day by day. Every one like to have an new tattoo art on their body but which is unique and stylish. Here you can have many tattoos designs ideas for any part of your body you can have an tattoos design.
Tattoos is a work of art which is inked on your body to show up your personality and hobbies.We have an varieties of tattoos designs which can be inked at any part of body.

Useful Girls Body Art Tattoo

Girls Body Art Tattoo you are looking at tattooss for girls there are certain things that you should consider before picking up a tattoos. Search around and find out the different kinds of tattooss for girls that available. Look at the various designs that are available and see what suits you the best. Though there a wide variety of tattooss to choose from, some of the favorite tattooss for girls include tattooss with zodiac signs, tattooss with Celtic designs, fairy tattooss, etc. when you are looking for a tattoos do not rush in just because your friends have tattooss displayed on their bodies.

Natural Tattoo Designs For Girls

Tattoo Designs For Girls Despite the stigma and societal backlash, you might ask, why? There are hundreds of reasons why there are tattoos designs for girls. Some of these reasons include that these girls want to be different than most people. It becomes an expression of their own personality, or who they are or who they want to become. Since tattoos is also considered an art, it has always been perceived to be a form of self expression using you own body. Hence, these girls, through tattoos designs for girls are able to express themselves better and be recognized for their individuality.

Fish Tattoo Designs 2012

Another popular fish to adorn your skin with is the beta fish. These Fish tattoos designs are infamously violent, held up as fighters. Those who identify as one with a fighting spirit may want to get a beta fish tattoosed. These Fish tattoos designs have beautiful colors and fan-like fins, adding to their tattoos attractiveness. A sensible Fish tattoos designs by a skilled artist would be stunning.Also; tattooss of sharks can be done beautifully. Whether someone chooses to get a tattoos of a shark as some sort of symbolism or because they are fans of them, shark tattooss are uncommon, though striking.
This is all about Unique Fish Tattoo Designs 2012.