Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sukhoi Superjet 100 Factory

We've got used to think that Russian production factories are, as a rule, half-destroyed buildings with leaking roofs and crooked staircases ending at the ceiling. However, the aircraft construction factory where they produce Sukhoi Superjets 100 in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, is a sufficient refutation of the charge. 

The Sukhoi Superjet 100 (Russian: Сухой Суперджет 100) is a modern, fly-by-wire regional jet in the 75- to 95-seat category. With development starting in 2000, the plane was designed by the civil aircraft division of the Russian aerospace company Sukhoi in co-operation with Western partners. Its maiden flight was conducted on 19 May 2008 and the plane received its Interstate Aviation Committee certification in January 2011 with European Aviation Safety Agency certification expected in mid-2011. On 21 April 2011, the Superjet 100 performed its first commercial passenger flight, on the Armavia route from Yerevan to Moscow.

About 12 thousand people work at the two departments of the factory. In the first one they make the fuselage, and in the other one they install electronics, engines, etc. 

Actually, I found it rather surprise to see so many ladies working in this factory. Don't get me wrong as I never felt woman should be discriminated from engineering work. My wife is also an Engineer. 

Let's see how they turn a piece of aluminium into a plane.

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Best Time To Update Twitter And Facebook

It's important to know when the highest percentage of your audience is eavesdropping on your social networks, so that when you share content you'll get maximum exposure. Use the following data to learn when your audience is most likely to tune in.

Please be consider that this data is based on United State Eastern Time (EST). But I think the data is still valuable as long you adjust it with your country timing requirement.

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2011 Carnival Season From Around The World

Carnival Season is a festive season which occurs usually during February. Carnival Season typically involves a public celebration or parade combining some elements of a circus, mask and public street party, as a way to usher out the winter and welcome spring. People often dress up or masquerade during the celebrations, which mark an overturning of daily life.

Across Europe and the Americas, parades and festivals have been taking place for nearly a month, culminating in the largest, most famous party of all: the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Brazilian Carnival is one of the best-known celebrations today, but many cities and regions worldwide celebrate with large, popular, and days-long events. The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro is the biggest carnival in the world, and the biggest popular party on the planet, according to The Guinness Book of World Records 2010. The Rio de Janeiro Carnaval is also considered the world's most famous.

Gathered below are images from the past several weeks of carnivals around the globe from 2011 season.

Please be remind. Viewer discretion is advised. 
Contain religious images. 
Contain images that might be Not Suitable or Safe For Work (NSFW) or Not School-Suitable (NSS)

A Unidos da Tijuca samba school dancer performs during a carnival parade at the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, early Monday March 7, 2011. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)  

A worker prepares a carnival float at Unidos da Tijuca Samba School in Rio de Janeiro March 1, 2011. (REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes)

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Left Brain Or Right Brain?

Have you ever seen an explanation of how we think? Which one is you? Are you a left or right brain person?

Click on the image for bigger view

Click on the image for bigger view
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The Awesomeness Body Wash

If you're confused by what you see above, try to hold onto that feeling until you see the video below. It's a normal reaction to seeing a grizzly sipping on a Long Island Iced Tea with an elderly gentleman in hot tub sidecar.

The scents of Old Spice turn embarrassingly normal guys into face model champions who smell like adventure and fine cutlery. So douse your body regions with the scents of Old Spice and "Smell Better Than Yourself."

Source from Autoblog

Yummy Iphone Cupcakes

One of the best interpretation of iPhone on cupcakes I had seen for a very long time. Yummy...

Source from Fancy

Monday, November 28, 2011

Real Life Mario Karts

Nintendo has taught millions of underage kids to drive, thanks to its immensely popular handheld Mario Kart video game. The driving routes are all virtual, thankfully, as they include not only unexpected sheer cliffs, but also driving under the water while evading baddies.

To bring part of Mario's make-believe world to life, Nintendo has partnered with West Coast Customs to create life-size models of Mario's Standard Kart and Luigi's Bumble V Kart. While the characters are forced to enjoy their rides in the hazardous Mushroom Kingdom, we checked them out in the (relative) safety of the Los Angeles Convention Center during today's LA Auto Show. Naturally, the West Coast Customs tie-in means that the karts' construction will be chronicled in an upcoming episode of the shop's reality television show.

The detail on the full-size working models is interesting. Mario's kart appears to be front-wheel drive, with 18-inch wheels on the rear. Noted for its Super Glider option for cliff jumping, the attachment is mounted prominently overhead. Luigi's kart, decked-out with 16-inch wheels and disc brakes, is also front-wheel drive. It is available with a propeller to provide movement under water.

Here's a few snazzy photos.

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Tupolev TU-160 - Supersonic White Swan

The Tupolev TU-160 (Russian: Туполев ТY-160, NATO reporting name: Blackjack) is a supersonic, variable-sweep wing heavy strategic bomber designed by the Tupolev Design Bureau in the Soviet Union. Although several civil and military transport aircraft are larger in overall dimensions, the TU-160 is currently the world's largest combat aircraft, largest supersonic aircraft, and largest variable-sweep aircraft built. In addition, the TU-160 has the heaviest takeoff weight of any combat aircraft.

Entering service in 1987, the TU-160 was the last strategic bomber designed for the Soviet Union. The aircraft remains in limited production, with at least 16 aircraft currently in service with the Russian Air Force.

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Dark Gothic Musical Artworks

Digital art is a general term for a range of artistic works and practices that use digital technology as an essential part of the creative and/or presentation process. Consuelo Parra aka Senderosolvidados is a female artist from Sevilla, Spain who specialises in Photo Retouching, Photomanipulation, Restoration of photos, CD Cover and Book cover.

Here is an awesome showcase of Dark Gothic Musical Artworks by Consuelo Parra for your inspiration.

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The Last Pink Ninja

Over the weekend, I and my wife watched Tom Cruise movie, The Last Samurai. So, when I come across the photo above, naturally it pop in my mind that she is The Last Pink Ninja... LOL...

Kristina Pimenova - Little Russia Model

The little model whose name is Kristina Pimenova from Moscow is just 4 years old but she's not a newcomer in the model business. Her mother has been working as a model as well and involved her daughter too.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

LOL Hipsters T-Shirt


For all the Hipsters haters out there, suitable T-Shirts for you.

WWE Kitten

We may have just discovered the WWE's new opening act. Can we have table match in the future? Get the TABLES!!!

Cat wrestling has been going on in people's homes for as long as people have been having cats. But until you let the little furry ones do it in an actual (albeit mini) ring, it's not really wrestling.

One smart YouTuber did just that and uploaded it for our enjoyment. So get ready for the cutest fight ever:  Orange Kitten vs Grey Kitten. Highlight of the fight: Body slam from top rope by Orange Kitten at 1:01

Source from Huffington Post

Baby Mr Fredricksen From Movie Up

Yeah, I know Halloween is almost a month gone, but, who can resist this cute little toddler? Dressed as Carl Fredricksen, the grumpy old man from the film Up. The toddler name is Rizden and his mom, photographer Stephanie Read of Auburn Soul Photography dressed her up.

As you can see, the result was adorable beyond belief. Might be known also as Real Life Baby Mr Fredricksen?

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Girls In Military

Soldiers or military personnel are one of the most wanted by boys. Asked any others boys you can find and the chance is 75% of them want to be a soldier when they grow up. Although military is not the most highly or attractive paid profession in the world but the idea of playing with guns and canons really caught boys attention. Not to mention the chance to be a hero.

Girls on the other hand is not really keen with military as it deem to be too rough and girls hasn't been soldiers until now. So here is some of women soldiers from around the world. You will find that some of them are really hot.

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Yummy Sesame Street Cake Pops

November 10th is the Anniversary of Sesame Street. After 40+ years and the muppet mania still continues. Created by Bakerella, these cute Sesame Street Elmo Cake Pops are hard to resist. 

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Angry Bird Pizza


Angry Bird or not, that is one big pizza...

Abstract Wallpapers

Wallpaper aka desktop background is an image used as a background of a graphical user interface on a computer screen. Most, if not all, computer owners out there use wallpaper to infuse life and color into their desktops. Wallpapers are probably the easiest way to customize your machine. Abstract art is gaining popularity because of the fact that it does not require reference to reality. And this gives you the freedom to depict real forms in a much simpler way or you can keep an allusion only. 

Here is a high quality showcase of remarkable free abstract wallpapers for you to download. These wallpapers will give your desktop a new look!

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Top Asian Mix Ladies 2011

Half Asian - One of the most amazing races to ever grace this planet. Scientifically proven to live longer, and most are very successful. Take any area: the best in the class will always include a few Half Asians. Less than 1% of the population in America is Half Asian, and a number MUCH higher than 1% fills people who are top notch at what they do i.e. celebrities, sports stars, great minds, etc.

Check out any list where people rank some of the most beautiful people in the world- I guarantee you'll find more than a few Half Asians.

Please be remind. Viewer discretion is advised.
Not Suitable or Safe For Work (NSFW), Not Work-Suitable or Safe (NWS), Not School-Suitable (NSS)

Elly Tran Ha (otherwise known as Elly Kim Hong, 阮金紅), is a pretty Vietnamese model who was born on 08-06-1987. She is an American-borned-Vietnamese, who has recently moved back to Vietnam from the USA. She works as a part-time model while furthering her studies.

Leah Dizon is of Chinese, Filipina, and French descent. She was born in the United States but gained fame in Japan as a singer, model, and TV host.
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Amazing Landscape Photography

Amazing landscape photography for your inspiration.

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Miniature Effect Photography

Tilt-shift photography refers to the use of camera movements on small and medium-format cameras, and sometimes specifically refers to the use of tilt for selective focus, often for simulating a miniature scene. Sometimes the term is used when the shallow depth of field is simulated with digital postprocessing; the name may derive from the tilt-shift lens normally required when the effect is produced optically.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Sexiest Men Of The '50s, '60s, '70s

During the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, a new generation of people began to question and challenge the traditionally accepted cultural norms. The relatively conservative ideals that were formed around international war and population growth were beginning to evolve. World just move on from World War 2 and people around the world feel the need to express themselves freely. 

During this time also the foundation for rock and roll music was formed, racial segregation was an issue, and the strict laws around sexual expression were being challenged. For this reason, the people that emerged as sex symbols during this era were extremely influential and important to popular culture.

Below is men sex symbol from that era. People of new generation might find these bunch of people as old folks but back in the days, these guys are considered as god to most of people. If you not believe me, just ask your mom or grandma. The odd is, your mom and grandma surely know 90% of these guys.

Marlon Brando - "He was such a sensitive instrument. I used to play the violin, and I liken Marlon to one of those strings that when you're playing just vibrates." —Eva Marie Saint, remembering Marlon Brando (pictured in A Streetcar Named Desire)

James Dean - "He sure appeals to me. I guess that's because I'm the type that likes to take in stray cats and dogs and he reminds me of that." —an unnamed starlet who dated Dean, talking to LIFE circa 1955

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Flying 101 Lesson By Kulula Airlines

Kulula (South Africa's favourite low fare airline), have recently released this fantastic new aircraft livery entitled Flying 101. Kulula are well known for their fun marketing exploits and this one lives up to their high standards. Each part of the aircraft is labelled with humorous captions.

Flying 101 has flown around the world several time thanks to the power of email and internet. This plane was designed in-house by our graphic design team as part of our bigger strategy to demystify air travel and explain some of the unknowns around air travel and flying. Look out for some of the quirky likes like 'The big cheese' pointing to the Captain and 'The black box – that's actually orange'.

I have to say that I really like Fukula Plane livery. Not only it come in super cool bright green colour, it also encourage people to know term aeronautical engineering. Thumbs up!



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Most Expensive Pets In The World

We all love our pets, don't we? But some people are ready to pay millions for animals from a million dollar cow to DNA cloned dog. Top ten list of the most expensive pets in the world. Read ahead to find out.

1. Green Monkey – $16,000,000


Green monkey was considered to be the most expensive horse in the world. Its initial price was $16,000,000. The Green Monkey (in the picture) was purchased as a 2-year-old race horse at Calder Race Course by Demi O’Byrne. A descendant of two Kentucky Derby winners, the winner of the auction had high hopes for the young horse, but the Green Monkey flopped never won a race. The Green Monkey was officially retired on February 12, 2008 after failing to break his maiden in his three career starts.

A portion of his ownership was acquired by the same pin-hook sellers, Randy Hartley and Dean De Renzo, who originally acquired and sold him at auction in the 2006 Fasig-Tipton Calder sale. Hartley/De Renzo bought back into the horse and will partner with John Magnier.

2. Missy – $1,200,000


Missy is a three year old black and white Holsten Cow. She currently holds the record for the most expensive cow ever sold in the market. Winning the title for Grand Champion of the 2009 Western Fall National Show and being one of the best show cows in North America made her a target for buyers. Missy sold for $1.2 million in Ontario, Canada on November 11th, 2009.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Human Powered Roller Coaster

It is actually an art sculpture. But do look and function more like human roller coaster. I also wonder how you going to walk around the loop?

It has taken eight weeks of intensive assembly work but the newest feature of the German landscape has been unveiled. The city of Duisberg is now home to Crouching Tiger and Turtle, which could easily be described as a roller coaster without a roller coaster.

The Anger Park is a landscape construction at the Heinrich-Hildebrand height in Duisburg - Angerhausen. The 14-hectare green park consists of the former slag heap of Duisburg smelter refurbishment and some adjacent areas, which were sealed and regenerated. It is the continuation of conservation and recreation area Biegerhof -West and, with the green stream , the connection to the Rhine and the lying there Angerort house 

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